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Little Castle

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Photographs play a huge part in our lives. From the day we are born, they become a record of our existence. Each image represents a moment in time that never was, and never will be again.


Little Castle Photography was founded in 2007 with the simple goal of creating beautiful images that you would be proud to share with your friends and loved ones. We had our start in portraiture, weddings, events, dance, gymnastics, and school functions.


As much as I loved meeting and photographing everyone at different points in their lives, I also began to notice that not all were happy to be in the spotlight. One of the saddest things I've seen was when a person did not wish to be photographed with a loved one due to the feeling that they weren't at their best-looking at that moment.


They were wrong.

Every one of them was beautiful.


The more I thought about this, the more I realized I was doing a disservice to my clients by not focusing my abilities at what I am best at. Taking a long, critical look at my portfolio, I decided to specialize in On-location Individual Portraiture for older school-age children to older teens.


Thinking back to fifth grade, when I began to become interested in photography, it was this same mentality that brought me to love being behind the camera (rather than in front) in the first place. Now, as a photographer looking back, I can see both sides clearly.


At Little Castle Photography, you will not just be a moment in time or a memory that we will be trying to capture. You are a person, and will be treated as such. We want you to love your portraits, but more importantly, we want you to love the way you look in those portraits.


As a photographer, it's not my job to make you look beautiful.

You're already beautiful.


Let me help you share that with the world.

                            Frank M Casillas

                            Little Castle Photography

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